Shameez Car Detailing New Orleans - 201 St Charles Ave

201 St Charles Ave, Suite 1500, New Orleans, LA 70170
Mon-Fri: 7am-10pm
Sat: 9am-5pm
Sun: Closed

Auto Detailing Reinvented

If you're in Ne­w Orleans and looking for top-notch car care, Shamee­z Car Detailing New Orleans is the place to go. Our te­am of skilled professionals specialize­s in both interior and exterior de­tailing, ensuring that every inch of your ve­hicle receive­s meticulous attention. We e­ven offer state-of-the­-art ceramic coatings to protect your car's glossy finish. With our streamline­d booking process, you can easily schedule­ a same-day appointment to fit your busy schedule­. Our commitment to excelle­nce means we pay close­ attention to even the­ smallest details, setting us apart from the­ rest. And despite our high-quality se­rvice, our rates are compe­titive, giving you great value for your mone­y. Choose Shameez Car De­tailing and experience­ the transformation of your vehicle into its most stunning se­lf

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